Going out made simple.

Create A Plan Through Conversation

Our bot, Emma, will guide you through personalized plan creation directly through conversation.

Do Something Everyone Loves

We will suggest places/events that everyone in the group will like using our recommendation system.

Find Out When Everyone is Free

We do the calendar balancing and suggest times that work for everyone in your group.

Create Unique Experiences

We will get to know you on a personal level to find experiences truly unique to you.

Vote on What to Do

Have a poll with recommendations to figure out what activity best fits your group.

Support Local Businesses

We will cater smaller businesses for you to discover hidden gems in your area.

Made by Hayden & Frank in Hoboken

Built with the support from the following initiatives in Hoboken, NJ :

Launchpad helps participants convert science projects into high-growth initiatives.

iSTEM@Stevens admits and nurtures talent with gifted hands of skills.